Rhodium Plating - What, Why and How Long will it last?

What is Rhodium Plating?

Rhodium plating is a process used in the jewellery industry to enhance the appearance of white gold. Rhodium is a precious metal that is part of the platinum group and is known for its durability, bright white colour and resistance to tarnishing. Rhodium plating is a popular choice for jewellery enthusiasts who want to give their pieces a fresh, new look or to protect them from wear and tear.

Why is White Gold Rhodium Plated?

White gold is an alloy made of gold, nickel, and other metals that give it a silvery white appearance. However, over time, the natural yellow hue of gold may start to show through. Rhodium plating provides an added layer of protection and gives the white gold a bright, mirror-like finish. This plating process also makes white gold jewellery more resistant to scratches and tarnishing, thus preserving its appearance for longer.

How Long Will Rhodium Plating Last?

The lifespan of rhodium plating depends on several factors, such as the thickness of the plating and the wear and tear on the piece. With regular use, rhodium plating typically lasts between 6-12 months. However, the frequency of use and exposure to chemicals, such as chlorine or perfumes, can affect the longevity of the plating. To ensure that the rhodium plating lasts as long as possible, it is recommended to take care of the piece by avoiding exposure to harsh chemicals, removing it before activities that may cause damage and avoiding wearing it when doing rough activities.

What is the Cost of Replating a White Gold Ring?

The cost of replating a white gold ring varies depending on the jeweller and location. Ralph Jacobs Jewellers, for example, offers rhodium plating services starting from R1500. The cost includes the labour and materials required to plate the ring with rhodium, as well as the necessary polishing and cleaning to restore its shine. The cost may be higher for larger pieces or intricate designs that require more time and resources.

Considering Rhodium Plating?

In conclusion, rhodium plating is an excellent option for those looking to refresh the appearance of their white gold jewellery. The process provides added durability and protection, and with proper care, it can last up to a year. Replating the piece typically costs around R1500, and it's a worthwhile investment in preserving the beauty of your jewellery. Ralph Jacobs Jewellers is a trusted name in the industry and provides quality rhodium plating services that will ensure your piece stays in its best condition for longer.

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