Rose gold is a rather peculiar type of gold. Its not completely pink, nor is it completely red. Its more discreet that white of yellow gold, and brings a special type of warmth to the creation. Everyone from Apple to The Kardasians are raving about the subtle tones and hues of Rose Gold. But is Rose Gold a new creation, or has it been around since long before your Iphone was available is the “Pink” gold of 2017?

Of course, the colour itself is nothing new. The radiant shade has lent its whimsical brand of shimmer to jewellery since its inception in nineteenth-century Russia, when Carl Fabergé (of Fabergé egg fame) opted to blend yellow gold with copper to create the alchemic, blush-toned hybrid, originally called “Russian gold.” Eighteenth-century jewellers used it in “quatre-couleur” gold, which consisted of greenish, whitish, and pinkish repetition of the element from which decorative inlays were fashioned. We can safely say that Rose Gold is nothing new, and ladies (and men ) has enjoyed its warm colour long before its shimmer has taken over the Fashion Industry, and ensured that everyone, inducing your Mom, wants Rose Gold

Lets talk about the actual composition of Rose Gold. According to our Head Jeweller, rose gold is usually made by adding about 20% Silver and 42,5 % Copper to Yellow Gold. At Ralph Jacobs, we prefer to buy a Pre-Mixed alloy based Metal that is thoroughly checked to ensure only the best quality metal.

At Ralph Jacobs, we always try to listen to the customer’s preference. Therefore we have come up with a few Pro’s and Con’s of Rose gold :

The Good things about Rose Gold :

Rose Gold is more durable that Yellow or White Gold
No Rhodium Plating required ( unlike White Gold )
Vintage/antique appeal, often with a romantic connotation due to the rose colour.
Compliments all skin tones

The Not so good things about Rose Gold :

Some people are allergic to copper, and therefore might cause allergic reactions when you wear Rose Gold.
Rose gold is not as widely available as Yellow or White Gold.

Rose gold is a fantastic choice for people with warm skin tones as well as for those with cooler skin tones. The rose color stands out beautifully against pale skin, however it might not look as lovely as yellow gold does against darker skin tones. If your skin tone changes seasonally, rose gold might be a great choice.

Deciding on an all-rose Engagement ring can be tough. Just remember that you can mix and match your metals with ease, and we will guide you through the whole process. If you need to talk about Rose Gold, and whether its the option for you, speak to us. Our dedicated designers will help you make the right choice.

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