Ralph Jacobs | Why Choose Moissanite? | Jewellery

Moissanite is a fairly new concept in South Africa. Even tho its been around since the late 1980’s commercially. People tend to first “test-the-waters” before committing to a new design or idea. At Ralph Jacobs, we are here to help you understand why Moissanite ( in our opinion anyway ) is going to be one of the best alternatives for engagements rings in 2020. In this blog, we will explore the wonders of Moissanites, and show you exactly why this unique stone is on our list of top 10 Gemstones in the world.

Lets start of by making something clear : Diamonds are graded by what is known as the ” 4-C’s ” – This grading process has been around since the Kimberly Diamond Rush. Before GIA ( Gemological Institute of America ) invented the grading system, diamond graders used multiple A’s to describe a colourless diamond (e.g.: AAA, AA, A) while others used numbers (e.g.:1,2,3), Roman numerals (e.g.: I, II, III, IV) or a brief description of the gem-quality (e.g.: blue white, fine white).

Ralph Jacobs | Why Choose Moissanite? | Jewellery
The Kimberly Diamond Rush era

Moissanites cannot be graded by the same system, and therefore the South African Company Evermore Moissanite has done extensive research in association with E.G.L Sa ( European Gemological Laboratory ) to make sure the grading of Moissanites are true and accurate. For that exact reason, Ralph Jacobs only makes use of Evermore Moissanite in all of our design.

Lets take a look at the import aspects of a Moissanite :

Cut – The sparkle factor!

When a diamond cutter is busy shaping a diamond, he want to get the absolute best cut out of the stone. There is a lot of factors to consider, as with Moissanite, when cutting the perfect stone.

The Diamond Guide on cutting also applies to Moissanites

Diamonds are mined from deep down below in the ground, and you can imagine that rough, uneven shapes sometimes makes it hard for the cutter to cut the perfect stone.

This unique gemstone on the other hand is manufactured in a lab, and due to the amount of control they have when ” growing ” these stones, Moissanites are manufactured without any flaws or imperfections.

Carat – Size DOES matter

Size is always important – Who wants a tiny center stone that no one can see? Im sure all the ladies out there will agree with me that size really does matter.

Seeing that Moissanite is about 7% lighter that diamonds, lets give you an example of a 1.0ct Diamond Weight and a 1.0ct Moissanite :

  • 1.0ct Diamond weighs 1.0ct and is about 6.5mm
  • 1.0ct Moissanite weight about 0.94ct and is about 6.5mm
Ralph Jacobs | Why Choose Moissanite? | Jewellery

Clarity – The purity of the Moissanite

Evermore Moissanite has decided, after several destructive tests, research and endless conversations about Moissanite, to not use the normal Clarity guide as set forth by many Moissanite retailers in South Africa. Instead, they have created a more ” user-friendly” grading system

Preview(opens in a new tab)

Ralph Jacobs | Why Choose Moissanite? | Jewellery

This guide is a more accurate depiction of what they think Moissanite’s Clarity grading should be. You can rest assured that the professionals in the field has spend many countless nights to make sure your Moissanite is of the absolute best quality.

Colour – The obvious choice.

Because Moissanites use the same grading on colour as Diamonds, its important to understand the different levels of grading.

Ralph Jacobs | Why Choose Moissanite? | Jewellery

Moissanites are classified into the same grading as diamonds, except that we dont usually sell any Moissanites past the I-J Colour, simply because if you are in the market for a Moissanite, you want the best possible colour.

At Ralph Jacobs, we want our customers to have only the best options available, and use, as a rule, only DEF Coloured Moissanites for all our center stones, and GH for any accent and side stones.

Ralph Jacobs | Why Choose Moissanite? | Jewellery

Final thoughts…

We hope this guide was helpful. Choosing between a Diamond and a Moissanite can sometimes be daunting , and one never knows whether the right decision was made.

At Ralph Jacobs, we can say with certainty that the Moissanite industry is going to boom in 2020, and we would love for you to be part of this remarkable journey.

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