All the fact you need to know about White gold.

white gold
Twig Ring by Ralph Jacobs

One of the most popular metal choices for jewellery and more specifically engagement rings is white gold. It’s a beautiful shade of gold, very subtle and not as bright as a yellow gold.

White gold is a mixture of pure yellow gold and other metals that make the resulting alloy harder giving it its white colour. If you’re concerned that white gold is not as durable is gold, you have nothing to worry about. White gold is quite durable, yet you should keep in mind that its hardness also depends on the material’s purity and what other metals are mixed in with the pure yellow gold.

As you now know, your choice between white gold and yellow gold should not be affected by durability but simply personal preference. The only aspect that could influence your white gold decision is the fact that white gold jewellery needs to be replated after a certain period, which usually ranges from 1 to 3 years.

Whether you go for the traditional diamond, or a sparkling Moissanite, white gold will always be a classic take on metals for an engagement ring.

If you are concerned that white gold isn’t real gold, you can rest assure that it is indeed still real gold. It does contain alloy metals, yet white gold is made from real, pure gold. You’ll be able to verify that your white gold jewellery contains real gold by looking at its hallmark.

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