The Proposal

The proposal is one of the most important moments in the life . That moment when nothing else matters, and you finally realize that the person standing in front of you, is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.

It’s an event full of uncertainty, but when one of you utters a fateful “YES” and accepts a engagement ring that was chosen especially for you with great care, all the planning and effort was all worth while. Although it is generally considered that marriage is the happiest moment in the life of one couple, the proposal is almost equally happy and precedes the wedding with which a couple crown their love.

At Ralph Jacobs, we know that doing a once in a lifetime proposal, the planning and all the elements involved can be a little tricky, and that is why we decided to help you out – Here goes our top ten tips for the perfect proposal :

Know the answer before you ask

Make sure you have thought this through. You want to avoid that awkward moment when your partner says no – Make sure you have both discussed this, and that you are almost 100% sure they will say yes.

Be yourself

The MOST import thing is to just be yourself, and don’t overdo it. The best is to go for what is comfortable for you

Choose the right setting

Don’t take your partner to a noisy club or a crowded beach. Look for something tranquil and quiet, and make sure you can talk comfortably before the big question.

a Little rehearsal goes a long way

Write down what you want to say. It sucks to suddenly forget your words or mutter a bunch of nonsense. Nervousness to a point is adorable, but bumbling is just off-putting.

Present the ring in a box, not a brownie

The idea of a fancy restaurant placing your very expensive ring in s chocolate brownie, is just too much. This idea should stay on a despicable rom-com cliché. The other ( MAJOR ) issue is that your partner might just choke. Keep it simple

Proposals are not pranks

We will know you were the best prankster in high school, and you taught Miss Bezhuidenhout a real lesson when you poured brake fluid over her car, but NEVER EVER think a proposal is a prank. Don’t pretend the restaurant is on fire before you propose – The day is not about you.

Don’t brag

Uploading your crazy proposal onto Youtube 5 minutes after you pop the question is not a good idea. You are just giving impressionable couples horrible ideas.

We hope our tips and advice will help in making your proposal a truly magnificent journey.

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