EMERALD 1.13ct D VS1 - EX EX

Cert No.LG561281015
Buy this EMERALD 1.13ct Lab Grown Diamond, with D colour, VS1 clarity, - cut, EX polish and EX symmetry. showcase exceptional quality, this Lab Grown Diamond is a perfect choice for a statement of love that respects the plane.
R 8,713.39
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Diamond Grading

Diamond Size: 1.13 cts

The carat is a measurement of weight for diamonds. Many people mistakenly think it refers to the size, but it actually indicates the weight. One carat is equal to 200 milligrams or 0.2 grams. The chart below shows the general size comparison of diamonds with different carat weights. Keep in mind that although these measurements are common, each diamond is distinct in its own way.

Diamond Colour: Colourless

The color of a diamond is its natural hue, which remains constant. Colorless diamonds permit more light to pass through compared to colored diamonds, resulting in increased sparkle and brilliance. Like a prism, a diamond splits light into a range of colors and reflects them as vibrant flashes known as fire.

Diamond Cut: -

The cut of a diamond relates to its shape and appearance. It includes factors like its depth, width, and the consistency of its facets. The cut affects how the diamond looks, reflecting and bending light. The quality of the diamond's cut determines its overall beauty.

Diamond Clarity: VS

Diamond clarity refers to the absence of naturally occurring inclusions within the stone or blemishes on the surface. The grading of a diamond’s clarity depends on the size, colour and location of any inclusion or blemish, and is assessed by 10 x magnification.

Flawless Diamond Clarity Grading


FL diamonds are
Internally Flawless Diamond Clarity Grading


IF diamonds are
Internally Flawless

Very, Very Slightly Included Diamond Clarity Grading


VVS diamonds (1 & 2) are
Very, Very Slightly Included

Very Slightly Included Diamond Clarity Grading

VS1 - VS2

VS diamonds (1 & 2) are
Very Slightly Included

Slightly Included Diamond Clarity Grading

SI1 - SI2

SI diamonds (1 & 2) are
Slightly Included

Imperfect Included Diamond Clarity Grading

I1 - I3

I diamonds (1, 2, & 3) are

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