Classy. Sophisticated and Pearly White

White gold refers to elegance and sophistication. Jewellery made of white gold will always set a trend. Because white gold is perfectly combined with both yellow and pink gold. If you prefer more discreet jewellry, white gold is a great alternative to the yellow. Whether it’s about bracelets, necklaces, rings, minds, every piece of jewellry made of white gold looks sophisticated, luxurious and elegant.

Ralph Jacobs | Metal Obsession : White Gold | Jewellery
a White 9k White Gold and Moissanite Ring designed and manufactured by Ralph Jacobs

What exactly is White Gold ?

White gold is one of the most famous alloys of gold that is used worldwide for various purposes, and so in the making of jewellry. It attracts it with its beauty and permanence, and although it resembles silver, it differs considerably from it. In all gold jewellery, pure gold has to be mixed with harder metals for added durability and strength. On its own, pure gold is a very soft metal. Without the harder alloy metals keeping it rigid, pure gold would easily bend out of shape.

All 9K gold jewellery items contain 37.5% pure gold, while 18K gold items contain 75% pure gold – regardless of the gold colour. The bigger the overall karat weight, the larger amount of gold is present.

Ralph Jacobs | Metal Obsession : White Gold | Jewellery

After yellow gold, white gold is one of the most famous gold alloys in the world. The very name “white gold” comes from its whitish or silver color which makes it sophisticated. White gold and silver are white metals and can often be thought of because they are very similar. However, their composition is significantly different and white gold is significantly higher quality than silver. White gold represents the alloy of pure gold and metal that gives white to this alloy. These are mainly white metals such as nickel, palladium or others. Depending on the metals used for making these alloys and depending on how many of these metals are used, they will depend on the properties of the alloy itself.

It can be said that white gold is now more popular than yellow gold. When it comes to a piece of jewellry, white gold is the right choice. Also, a lot of popular jewelry pieces are made of white and yellow gold, and white gold is excellent with rubies and diamonds. Especially popular are white and gold wedding bands as well as unique wedding rings of white, yellow and rose gold. White gold ring is also always the right choice.

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