What is the trend with Marquise shaped Moissanites?

Marquise Moissanite Shaped Engagement Ring by Ralph Jacobs

The marquise moissanite cut is shaped like a football, also known as the boat-shaped cut, the eye-shaped cut, or the navette. Navette means “little ship” in French…how adorable!

If you want a diamond that will make your fingers look the most slender then the marquise cut diamond will be your best friend. Of all the diamonds they will make your hand look the most elongated and graceful.

This is an extremely unique shaped moissanite, which is rarely seen in the engagement ring world compared to other fewer vintage cuts. Did you know moissanite and diamond shapes are ranked? The “marquise” is on a hereditary rank, which falls above a count yet below a duke.

This moissanite features 58 facets and an elliptical shape with pointed ends. It has been around for centuries. The marquise-shaped moissanite is believed to have been commissioned by King Louis XIV of France to remind him of the perfect shaped mouth and smile of his true love, the Marquise de Pompadour.

A marquise moissanite ring is cut to maximise its carat for carat weight, by giving a larger looking stone and longer diamond surface area. Head over to the Ralph Jacobs Instagram and Facebook to drool over some of our fascinating marquise moissanite engagement rings!