Ralph Jacobs | Let's Talk Trillion Shaped Engagement Rings | Jewellery

A rarer choice, the trillion cut is for someone who wants something off the beaten path and different. If you consider yourself a modern bride, this is the engagement ring choice for you. If you’re the type to feel drawn to standing out and being different then the trillion-shaped stones are a stunning and unique choice of style of engagement ring to consider.

Trillion cut diamonds are triangle-shaped stones, which often has rounded sides. This style was first created in the Netherlands. They may not be as popular as their round cut counterparts, but they are beautiful in their own way. If you are someone who wants something a little different and that deviates a bit from the classic round standard, you should certainly consider this cut.

Trillion cut Moissanites also pair well with any metal, and makes a great statement piece.

Ralph Jacobs | Let's Talk Trillion Shaped Engagement Rings | Jewellery

The trillion diamond cut is so spectacular because of its sharp dazzling brilliance. It works beautifully as a solitaire stone on its own or also looks impressive as side stones.

The trillion cut is a popular shape for accent stones in beautiful jewellery designs but it can also work as a center stone for someone looking for a different alternative to traditional diamond cuts. The thing that is most eye-catching about a trillion cut is it’s symmetry, proportion and unique shape.

Ralph Jacobs | Let's Talk Trillion Shaped Engagement Rings | Jewellery

Like all cuts, there are some pro’s and cons to the triangle shaped engagement ring. Below we list the pro’s and cons so you can make an informative decision on whether or not you want to go for this unique design:


  • Offers excellent brilliance.
  • It could appear larger than an equal-sized round or princess cut meaning you can make the most of the diamond’s carat size. 
  • As mentioned above and the premise of this blog, it offers a unique alternative.


  • It is more at risk of chipping because of its points.
  • This cut doesn’t tend to work well with some prongs designs. V-prongs are the best for a trillion cut stone as they wrap the tips of the stone and protect them.
  • It requires more cleaning and care than other cuts.