It’s almost December and if you’re not thinking it, we’ll say it; thank goodness this year is almost over!!! But why not end this year with a bang and a proposal with the most festive engagement ring you can think of! Everyone is feeling a bit down in the dumps after this nightmare of a year, and we’re not saying to randomly pop the question just because your girl or guy is down. However, if you were planning on asking him/her soon, why not make it a whole month of festivities and ask them in December?

Below we are going to give you five of the most festive inspired engagement rings to pop the December question with:

Sparkling Snowflake Engagement Ring

This ring is not as suited in South Africa’s summer holidays, but who knows, maybe your partner’s been dreaming of a snowy, white Christmas their whole life and this ring will just brighten their dreams and day even more! Luckily, the snowflake ring is rather subtle and nobody can tell it’s a snowflake right off the bat, it’s still a cute engagement ring for the girl that loves snow and winter.

The Christmas Coloured Engagement Ring

Naturally, a festive inspired ring had to somewhere include red and green colours. By using emeralds and rubies you can create the perfect Christmas engagement ring. Gemstone engagement rings are making big waves among brides today. Red rubies are one of the most popular stones alongside sapphires, but emeralds are great for a more “earthy” bride.

Emeralds and rubies are rarely paired together, but if you want a ring that truly embodies the colors of Christmas,  use these gemstones and design your own colourful Christmas engagement ring!

Light a Christmas Candle Engagement Ring

For a more subtle festive engagement ring, why not opt for a marquise-shaped moissanite engagement ring. You can easily create a candle-shaped engagement ring with an elongated shape such a marquise cut or a thin pear-cut moissanite. Mimic the warm glow of fire with a rose gold engagement ring band.

Marquise shaped moissanite engagement ring by Ralph Jacobs

Go Green Wreath Greenery Engagement Ring

For full-on holiday magic, create an engagement ring inspired by a tree, a wreath, or boughs of holly. Emerald leaves celebrate the Christmas season, but also speak to seasons to come from spring to summer, back to winter, and so on for all the countless years you’ll spend together. This design also sparkles much more set with a Moissanite.

Bye Bye Holiday Blues Engagement Ring

Say goodbye to any chance of having a “Blue Christmas” this year with a breathtaking round cut engagement ring with blue moissanite stones in a halo setting. You can even up the ante and add a second halo pave to impress your lover this holiday.