The Ralph Jacobs LayBy Option :

Ralph Jacobs offers flexible LayBy terms to suit each and every customer. We make it possible to get that perfect ring for your partner, with arrangements that caters for your personal circumstances.

With the Ralph Jacobs LayBy option, we will design and manufacture your dream ring, and give you the option to pay it off at a rate you are comfortable with.

To simplify things, we offer either 3, 6 or 12 month to repay.  With a 10 % Deposit, you can secure your order and start making equal payments towards your ring.

All paymnets can be made via EFT, using your Account Number as reference.

We charge no interest, and will start manufacturing your ring approxiametely one month ( 1 ) before your last payment is due.

You will receive monthly statements of your account, as well as payment confirmation each time you make a payment.

Your design will start the manufacturing process approxiametely one month before your last payment is due.  We will communicate with you during this process and keep you updated as the ring progresses from one stage to the other.

Once the full amount of your invoice had been paid, we will Certify, package and send your design via insured courier to its final destination.


The Advantages of LayBy

With absolutely NO Interest, you can budget more effectivly towards popping the big question or buying that extra special anniversary or birthday gift.

Once you secure your order with a deposit, we will not change the price of the item, even if the metal or diamond price suffer an increase in market value.


The Ralph Jacobs Difference

Each and every design by Ralph Jacobs is concidered to be one of a kind – Because we believe that each customers needs is different, we choose to design each peice accordingly.

Thoughout this process, we will keep you updated on the exact status of your design.  From the Printing phase, right through to the final certification and dispatch.  One of our friendly sales consultants will keep you updated until you receive your design.