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Sizing Policy

Sizing Policy Explained.

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The Sizing Policy of Ralph Jacobs, a Division of Coscoroba Group Holdings Proprietary Limited (Registration Number: 2019/10/101093/07) (hereinafter, “TCG”, “we”, “us”, or “our”, “Ralph Jacobs”) governs the method of handling resizing. This Sizing Policy is incorporated by reference in the Terms and Conditions of Sale and should be read in accordance with the definitions and reference containing therein.

In the event of any conflict and/or inconsistencies, this Sizing Policy shall take precedence.

As set out in The Consumer Protection Act, No 68 of 2008, Section 54, the consumer has the right to timely performance and completion of services which has to be done in a manner and quality that the consumer is generally entitled to.

Objective of Sizing Policy

The objective of this Sizing policy is to ensure the consumer understands the importance of supplying Ralph Jacobs with the correct size of the goods and that the consumer understands the policies in place should the goods be resized.

Definition of Sizing Policy

To alter the size of something

Sizing Policy

  • Ralph Jacobs will ask the consumer the size the goods have to be designed and manufactured in if the consumer has not already given the desired size to Ralph Jacobs.
  • Ralph Jacobs will verify the size of which the goods have to be designed in before designing is to commence and/or Ralph Jacobs will also verify the size in which the goods have to be manufactured in before manufacturing can commence.
  • Ralph Jacobs gives all consumers reasonable time and assistance in supplying Ralph Jacobs with the correct size to design and manufacture the goods
  • Ralph Jacobs will not take responsibility for the following:
    • The consumer supplied the wrong size to Ralph Jacobs.
    • The consumer further supplied the wrong size in all the verification steps towards the designing and manufacturing of the goods.
  • Ralph Jacobs will accommodate their consumers in the following ways once a deposit has been paid for the goods to be designed and or manufactured:
    • Ralph Jacobs will arrange a consultation between the consumer and a sales consultant in order for the sales consultant to measure the size in which the goods have to be designed and/or manufactured in.
    • Ralph Jacobs will send the consumer a ring sizer to the consumer to measure the correct size the goods have to be designed and/or manufactured in.
  • In some cases, Ralph Jacobs will be unable to resize goods such as:
    • Some designs are not able to be resized, for example: full eternity rings or twisted bands.
    • If the ring is engraved and requires a second engraving due to the resize, there is an extra fee.

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