Marquise moissanites or diamonds feature a unique eye-like shape that gives them one of the largest surface areas of any diamond shape. This article will discuss things you need to look out for when purchasing a marquise-shaped engagement ring, and the pros-and-cons of a marquise-shaped engagement ring.


What to look for in a marquise shaped engagement ring

Marquise shaped are most commonly found in engagement ring settings. While the desired look of a marquise engagement ring is a personal preference, industry experts consider the ideal marquise-cut diamond to have the following features:

  • Length-to-Width Ratio: The ideal, industry-recommended length-to-width ratio for the marquise-cut is 1.90.
  • Table Size: Ideally, a marquise-cut diamond features a large table for excellent light reflection.
  • No Distinguishable Bow-tie: Because of their narrow shape, every marquise diamond contains some semblance of a bow-tie. However, a well-cut diamond should have no visible dark area running through its center.
  • Symmetry: The two points at either end of a marquise-cut diamond should align with one another. This helps to avoid an off-balance or skewed appearance in the jewelry setting.
  • Proper Setting to Avoid Chips: The sharp ends of a marquise-cut require a setting that protects the diamond’s defined edges from chipping. We highly recommend that you select a setting with prongs that protect the most susceptible points of this cut. For added security, we suggest using “V-tip” style prongs.
Ralph Jacobs | Guide to Buying a Marquise Shaped Engagement Ring | Jewellery

Pros of a Marquise Shaped Engagement Ring

  • This shape looks bigger than many other cuts
  • A unique choice for an engagement ring
  • Sparkle comparable to rounds
  • Make your fingers look slender
  • More affordable than other cuts

Cons of a Marquise Shaped Engagement Ring

  • Can have dark bow-tie areas
  • Not as great of sparkle
  • Not many setting options

All elongated fancy cut diamonds, such as the marquise, pear and oval cuts, are susceptible to having a bowtie effect. This is when there is a darkened area in the shape of a bowtie that runs across the center of the diamond.

Ralph Jacobs | Guide to Buying a Marquise Shaped Engagement Ring | Jewellery
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