Lets talk all things Emerald cut


Emerald cut diamonds or Moissanites have a square face and stepped facets. It is these crisp edges and the bold rectangular shape that makes this a stunning choice for an engagement ring.

Sadly, some of these characteristics the stone has tends to make the stone a little bit less brilliant, however it does allow the stone to show off great depth and drama as the light and dark parts of the facets play off each other. If you are an undecisive bride-to-be, the benefit of the emerald cut engagement rings is that it works well with any type of metal, including gold, platinum, or silver.

The Origin of the Emerald Cut Engagement Ring


It all started with the Sumerians – some of the earliest records of people wearing emerald rings on their left ring fingers were from them. They believed that emeralds had an anti-inflammatory effect, especially on the eyes. Over time and all over the world, emerald engagement rings have been popular.

What are Emerald Cut Engagement Rings?

The emerald cut basically refers to a rectangle-style stone. A unique aspect to this stone is that it is long and flat. This style gemstone usually has layered corners and long facets. A fun fact is that these gemstones are called the hall of mirrors, because of the way that they are cut, they often create illusions of light. This remains a very unique gemstone to have as an engagement ring, and even though they have grown in popularity it’s not every day you see someone wearing an emerald cut, which makes it an even more enchanting choice.

Different Emerald Cut Styles

If you have decided that emerald cut is the way for you and there’s no other way, then it is time for you to start picking a style. Emerald styles can include many options such as vintage, classic, and unique.

Emerald solitaire engagement rings are definitely at the top of the list of most popular emerald rings. Because of its simplicity, with classic single emeralds on white gold or platinum band allows for the classic beauty of the emerald to shine through all the other elements. If you are a sparkling loving girl, then adding accent diamonds to an emerald solitaire ring will surely add some extra sparkle to that classic appearance.