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Being a part of Ralph Jacobs is like being part of a family, that said, it can be a bit difficult to hide certain things from our co-workers, especially when everyone know that their co-worker is getting engaged and Ralph Jacobs is assisting her boyfriend with the designing and manufacturing of her engagement ring.

We decided to share the Engagement Story of Francois and Chrystal to celebrate their engagement.
Here are the questions to Francois and his answers regarding their Engagement.

1. When did you decide on asking her to marry you?

“I wanted to ask her to marry me before the Covid-19 Pandemic and the National Lockdown, but then the pandemic happened and the lockdown, so I had to wait. Once the lockdown eased, and we could fly, all the plans and preparations came into action and I finally asked her on the 22 August 2020.”

2. How did you come up with the idea?

“I always had a love and passion for flying and Chrystal shares that love with me and since I have my PPL, I thought I will make it special for both of us to get Engaged this way”

Ralph Jacobs | ENGAGED! - ONE OF OUR OWN SAID "YES!" | Jewellery

3. How did you ask her to marry you?

“I saw a runway/landing strip on a farm outside of town. I went to the farmer with high hopes, shared with him my idea and asked if I could please use his runway. Luckily he agreed, and all the planning started.”

“I asked our good friends (Roelof and Rikus) to help me with this whole process. Rikus and Chrystal work together and Rikus also helped me to design and manufacture the Engagement ring without her knowing.”

“I then had the idea or excuse to ask Chrystal if she was keen on flying to Ermelo for a breakfast, which obviously she didn’t say no to – We invited Rikus and Roelof to join us for the “breakfast run.”

“My father helped me in giving me the lime and lime spreader to spell out the words. I took leave for the Thursday and Friday. I told Chrystal I was working on Saturday, just to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible.”

“I feared that the words will not be as big as it should but Roelof and I measured out all the letters perfectly. After all the measurements, I started to spell out the words “MARRY ME?” in capital letter with the lime and lime spreader, we even added a heart next to it for a cute gesture.”

“On the 22nd of August (The Saturday we would be flying to Ermelo), I left for “work” early and went over all the letters again and again to make it stand out from way up in the sky.”

“I returned home from “working”, Chrystal was already dressed and ready to go, on our way there I asked her if she could call Roelof and Rikus and tell them that we will meet them at the airfield, with them responding that they unfortunately can’t make it. (Chrystal was upset). Meanwhile without her knowing, Rikus and Roelof were getting a table and chairs in the car, with the Champaign, a small platter and the Protea I bought to give her once we landed. They had to be at the landing strip, setting everything up (Table, chairs and tablecloth with all the extras) before we even took off. Once they completed the task, they had to hide so Chrystal couldn’t see them.”

“We took off and when we got where we were supposed to be, she immediately saw it and burst out in tears and I asked her if she will marry me, she said YES!”

“I asked her to marry me twice – the first time up in the air and the second time when we landed, both times she started crying and both times she said yes.”

Ralph Jacobs | ENGAGED! - ONE OF OUR OWN SAID "YES!" | Jewellery
Francois busy with spreading the lime.
Photo taken by Roelof Stander
Ralph Jacobs | ENGAGED! - ONE OF OUR OWN SAID "YES!" | Jewellery
What Chrystal saw from the sky – “MARRY ME?”

4. Why did you decide on Ralph Jacobs? (Except for the fact that Chrystal works for them)

“I had a look at their website and there were so many rings. But the fact that they were able to design her engagement ring made is stand out.”

“They did an amazing job with the ring AND keeping it a secret from her.
They assisted me every step of the way, from helping me in figuring out exactly what she likes and designing the engagement ring, up and till the end where she said yes.”

“They kept in constant contact with me, messaged me whenever they thought that Chrystal is noticing something.
From the experience I have with Ralph Jacobs, I will definitely recommend Ralph Jacobs to people.”

Ralph Jacobs | ENGAGED! - ONE OF OUR OWN SAID "YES!" | Jewellery

5. Who helped you in regards to the Engagement ring and setting up the location?

“Our good friends, Roelof and Rikus did amazing in helping me with all the planning and setting up. From the day that I spoke to Rikus in regards to designing an engagement ring, until now that we are planning our wedding, they have been really good friends to us.”

“Ralph Jacobs did an amazing job in designing, manufacturing and keeping it a secret from their co-worker”

6. How did the days leading up to this day and the day of the engagement go?

“I had to take leave from work to get the lime and lime spreader from my father, I had to measure out the letters and make it stand out.
I had to go back and check if it was still there and go over the letters again with the lime and lime spreader. While doing all of this, I had to tell Chrystal white lies about where I am and what I am doing.”

7. What was the most difficult time is planning all of this?

“The most difficult part was keeping everything a secret from Chrystal since she catches up to vibes and things not being right very easily.”

“Roelof also gave me the idea to tell her that we will be going away the next weekend and it is a surprise as to where we will be going, just to direct her mind somewhere else .”

8. What obstacles did you have to face through this whole process?

“Firstly, the Covid-19 pandemic, which made it impossible for us to fly, secondly was spreading the lime, without her noticing the residue on my clothes and shoes and even the car. Luckily, I had Roelof to help me and to lie with me.”

9. What did you like most about the whole process?

“To see the emotions and facial expression of Chrystal when she saw the writing and when she said yes.”

10. Did her parents know? What were their reactions?

“I went to her mother first, she said yes and that I must ask her father which I did, he also said yes. Chrystal is remarkably close to her grandmother but sadly, I did not get the chance to ask her.
However, they did not know when I will be asking her to marry me.”

“When Chrystal phoned them, after she said yes, her mother and grandmother were crying, her father was probably also crying when the call ended.”
“Her mother even said that I am her hero!”

11. When will you get married?

“We initially wanted to get married in September of 2021, but I had the thought that why wait another year? So, we decided on getting married in March of 2021.”

“I’m finally engaged to the man I’ve been dreaming about, I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with him!”-Chrystal