May Birthstone Engagement Rings

If you are a lady that loves green, then the May birthstone is perfect for you. These stones work perfect with any metal Engagement Rings

Winter Inspired Engagement Rings

Engagement Rings inspired by this winter season. The month of May is finally here, and with it comes a lovely cold breeze of winter in all of its wallowing pride. This is not considered the most romantic season for all, but it could certainly be extremely romantic for the perfect couple. If you have the […]

April’s Birthstone – The glorious Diamond!

Diamond are truly a girls best friend April ladies, you are in for a treat! Incase, your partner ever mentioned how they’d like to treat you with your birthstone for an engagement ring, they better buckle up and start saving, because April’s birthstone is…a…DIAMOND! Both the modern and official birthstone for the month of April […]

Royal Engagement Rings Throughout History

Naturally, with everything that is going on in the news with Harry and Meghan Markle we had to jump in on the band wagon and look at some of the most extravagant royal engagement rings throughout history. Starting with the most loved, Diana. Princess Diana Princess Diana had the opportunity to choose between a few […]

Everything Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

Lets talk all things Emerald cut Emerald cut diamonds or Moissanites have a square face and stepped facets. It is these crisp edges and the bold rectangular shape that makes this a stunning choice for an engagement ring. Sadly, some of these characteristics the stone has tends to make the stone a little bit less […]

3 Celebrities Who Has Lab-Grown Engagement Rings

Engagement Rings set with Lab Grown diamonds worn by famous celebs. The latest trend is Moissanite and Lab-grown diamonds. Not only are the prices for cultivated jewels lower than a diamond mined from the earth, a lab-created diamond can be grown much faster than it takes to mine one. As the trend becomes mainstream, it’s […]