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Best Moissanite Shape Engagement Rings and Why

There are quite a lot of choices and decisions to make before purchasing an engagement ring. Cut, clarity, size, an the list goes on. Before purchasing a diamond, it is important to consider cost, quality, and overall appeal. But with so many unique characteristics to take into account, selecting a diamond that fits your preferred […]


Ralph Jacobs | MOISSANITE - 5 THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW. | Jewellery

That ring you are dreaming about, with the most beautiful diamond, might not be a real diamond. Now you are wondering -“But how? It looks exactly like a real diamond!” In this blog we are going to explain Moissanite, why choose moissanite and what is moissanite. 1.) What is a Moissanite actually? Moissanite was born […]