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Birthstones : Splash of Colour

Ralph Jacobs | Birthstones : Splash of Colour | Jewellery

Birthstone is a tradition that some people take seriously – The Fact that each person belongs to a certain crystal, depending on the date, that is, the month of birth or the zodiac sign in which he was born. Although the birthstone tradition is several centuries old, this stone still has a significant place in […]

Platinum : Metal of the Gods

Ralph Jacobs | Platinum : Metal of the Gods | Jewellery

Platinum – a metal that deserves every admiration. Platinum is one of the most expensive metals and is used for various purposes. Its rarity emphasizes its uniqueness, which makes platinum popular in recent years. Although platinum may be less known than gold, the metal had made some of the most valuable and most luxurious jewelry […]

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