We always wanted to do a weekend wedding, and when the invitation finally came to invite the Ralph Jacobs team to a weekend wedding, we RSVP’s the very same day. Christelle van der Merwe ( now Grobbelaar ) was my closest friend since High School, and I always knew that she would find the one true love to share her life with.

When she introduced us to Marius, we instantly knew that he would make her happy for the rest of her life. The wedding date was set for the 16th of September 2016, at the venue couldn’t disappoint. Christelle always had a very specific taste in in most things, and when she met hunting and wildlife expert Marius, we knew that the antelope horns and natural colors would play a big role in the theme of the wedding.

After searching all over South Africa, they decided on Evergreen Adventure Estate, situated just outside Piet Retief. Nestled between the Skurwerandjies mountain range with gleaming rivers, grandiose gorges, sparkling waterfalls and a moderate climate, the venue was perfect and depicted their personalities to the tee. It felt like you left South Africa for a few days and traveled back in time to an era long gone – Even MTN messaged us to say ” Welcome to Swaziland “.

When it came to the wedding rings, we knew it would be a challenge. Christelle is a very specific client, and we had to come up with a few ideas for her wedding ring. Marius wanted the ring to be a surprise, so we had to convince Christelle to help us with a new collection I had in mind. After almost a thousand pictures from all over, we narrowed her choice down to a white gold “branch” shank and a gorgeous slightly colored 0,51ct Centre Diamonds.

Marius is not a very picky guy – So we made a plain Sterling Silver 925 Wedding Band with a custom matt finish to make the band more rugged and wearable This was probably one of the best weddings we went to – and for all the good reasons. From the amazing venue and great food to the company and the general atmosphere. We loved every bit of the wedding and was honored to be part of this special couple’s big day.  

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