We’ve all heard the “rule” surrounding buying an engagement ring and how you have to spend at least two-month’s salary on an engagement ring. Yet, these engagement ring shopping ideals people consider “normal” are completely unrealistic for most couples. Many of us live on very strict budgets, so even when you want to take your true love’s breath away with their dream engagement ring, you have to think rationally about the purchase.

An engagement ring is often the most important piece of jewellery people buy within their lifetime. Shopping on a tight budget for this crucial piece of jewellery can be more than a little daunting. As long as you know what you are doing, however, you can get a bargain while still giving your partner a ring they love.

We’re going to give you a few tips on how to shop for an engagement ring that will definitely exceed your lovers expectations, but still keep your wallet intact.

Set a Budget

Naturally, if you are shopping on a budget, you’d want to set that budget before oo’ing and ah’ing at all the pretty engagement rings. When shopping for an engagement ring, do not get wrapped up with this 2-month-salary propaganda. The ring should be a representation of feelings, but not the thing that makes you run into debt.\


Consider Alternative Stones

Firstly, let’s look at alternative stones to diamonds. Surely diamonds are the traditional stone of choice for an engagement ring, but why do you need to pay an unreasonable amount when you can get something exactly the same for less? Moissanite stones give you all the brilliance of diamonds and then some, but without the hefty price tag. Moissanite is a rare mineral that naturally occurs in meteorites. Like most diamonds, moissanite stones are nearly colorless; however, they are more durable and more resistant to abrasion than diamonds, making them the perfect engagement stone for someone on a budget.

There are other gemstones to consider, such as emeralds, rubies and sapphires. These stones are increasingly finding their way onto engagement rings nowadays.

Ralph Jacobs | Budgeting? Tips on buying an Engagement Ring on a budget. | Jewellery
Moissanite Engagement Ring by Ralph Jacobs

Shopping Online

Our next suggestion to consider is buying your ring online. Everyone is doing it now, and it is a seamless experience. In the 21st Century online shopping is like going to a brick-and-mortar store. Did you know you can save as much as 50% when you buy an engagement ring online. Why not browse the Ralph Jacobs website to see if there’s anything that falls into your price range.

Ralph Jacobs | Budgeting? Tips on buying an Engagement Ring on a budget. | Jewellery

Timing is Everything

Very important thing to remember when shopping for an engagement ring on a budget is shopping at the right time. November to February is “engagement season” for many couples, with Christmas and Valentine’s Day being very popular days to get engaged.

Keep an eye out year round, but pay special attention during late November, December, January, and early February. Many jewelers run sales from late November through December due to Christmas. Many also run sales throughout January and early February for Valentine’s Day. Pricing is volatile around Christmas and can either go drastically up or down. Avoid the volatility and buy during the winter days.

Ralph Jacobs | Budgeting? Tips on buying an Engagement Ring on a budget. | Jewellery

Buy it Used

Okay, you just had a mini-heart attack reading that. But if you have a very tight budget, what does it matter if the ring is second-hand, when it is the ring of your fiance’s dreams?

We understand being proposed to with a ring that was on someone else’s finger can seem a bit impersonal to some. To others, buying a second-hand engagement ring is a bad omen. But, if you and your fiance can look past all of that, you just may find that a used engagement ring is a good option to consider.

Ralph Jacobs | Budgeting? Tips on buying an Engagement Ring on a budget. | Jewellery