You might’ve never even heard of this cut, but in more recent years this engagement ring’s popularity has skyrocketed and become extremely popular, especially amongst celebrities. So now we want to get to the bottom of, what makes an Asscher-cut engagement ring so unique and popular. Continue reading the blog for fun facts on the Asscher-cut, the history on the Asscher-cut, and which celebrities are sporting this unique engagement ring.

Ralph Jacobs Asscher-Cut Halo Pave Engagement Ring

The Asscher-cut is very similar in appearance to the emerald cut with its step faceting. Yet, the biggest difference between the two cuts are that the Asscher-cut has larger step facets, a higher crown, and a smaller table.

The History of the Asscher-cut


The Asscher-cut was first created in 1902 by Joseph Asscher, head of the Asscher Diamond Company which was founded in 1854 in Holland. As you can imagine, the Asscher-cut design was an instant hit among the locals, with its symmetrical, architectural style.

With the Great Depression on the rise, unfortunately the interest and desire for the Asscher-cut fell out of style. This was mostly due to the fact the jewellery was seen as a luxury and became unaffordable. In this tragic time the Asscher Diamond Company was forced to put an end to production.

During World War II the Asscher family fell further into obscurity. Sadly, the Asscher family and their polishers were rounded up and interned in concentration camps. It is with great sadness to note that only ten members of the Asscher family and fifteen of seven hundred polishers survived the war, however with great spirit and their heads held high they returned to the Netherlands determined to restore the company to its former glory.

In 1980, Queen Juliana of Holland granted the Asscher Diamond Company a royal title, making them the Royal Asscher Diamond Company.

The Ideal Setting for Your Asscher-cut Engagement Ring

There are so many possibilities for an Asscher-cut setting. However, there are certain settings that do showcase its brilliance and shine better.

One extremely popular setting choice for the asscher-cut is a vintage or Art Deco style, which is the most fitting for the Asscher cut, as that style is what led to its initial popularity.

Experts would suggest a prong setting over a channel or bezel setting because it allows the stone to sit elevated from the band and finger, which allows the stone to catch the most light. Along with a channel or bezel setting, another setting that allows the central stone to maintain that pronged elevation is a pavé setting.

The choice most people choose for an Asscher-cut is a halo setting. This popular setting is due to the fact that the flat edges of the Asscher-cut stone provide a natural border for a halo of diamonds. A major benefit of the halo setting is that it can enhance the brilliance and give the appearance of a greater size.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter which of these settings you select, the Asscher-cut diamond is already such a unique stone. Now, let’s see which celebrities has opted for this vintage flair engagement ring.

Celebrities with Asscher-cut Engagement Rings

Elizabeth Taylor

Jessica Alba

Kate Hudson


Reese Witherspoon