Diamond are truly a girls best friend

April ladies, you are in for a treat! Incase, your partner ever mentioned how they’d like to treat you with your birthstone for an engagement ring, they better buckle up and start saving, because April’s birthstone is…a…DIAMOND!

Both the modern and official birthstone for the month of April is the diamond. The April birthstone colour is clear or white and the alternative April birthstone is any clear stone such as sparkling quartz. You can also opt for a sparkling Moissanite – Read more about the Moissanite here

Although often colourless, diamonds can also appear in the following colours; yellow, brown, red, pink, orange, blue, or green.

Let’s dig a little deeper and delve into some “diamond fun facts!”

Diamond Engagement Ring by Ralph Jacobs

The diamond, composed solely of carbon, is the hardest gemstone and can be cut only by another diamond. Diamonds form about 90 miles deep in Earth.

It is believed that the first engagement ring that contained a diamond was given in 1477 by Archduke Maximilian of Austria to his fiancée, Mary of Burgundy. Today, diamonds are the most popular choice of stone for an engagement ring.

The largest known diamond is 2,500 miles wide and weighs approximately 10 billion trillion trillion carats.

Diamond symbolizes everlasting love. It was also once thought to protect against poison. It is believed that the person wearing a diamond will be protected from negative energies and brought peace.

Not a diamond gal? Why not opt for the more affordable, and completely conflict-free diamond alternative – moissanite? Head over to our blog about moissanites to read more on this unique diamond alternative.

Now, for our diamond drooling gal’s, here’s a few stunning diamond engagement rings to awe over.

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