Ralph Jacobs Moissanite Engagement Ring

Are you thinking about purchasing a Moissanite engagement ring for your partner, but not completely sure what to look for? Well, it’s your lucky day, because we are moissanite experts and are here to help! Moissanites are becoming the next best thing for couples due to their beauty, affordability, and sustainability.

Below are some of the important things to know when buying a moissanite engagement ring, and also some of the FAQ we receive as a Moissanite jeweller.

1. Is a Moissanite a Real Diamond?

The answer would be, no. A Moissanite is its very own gemstone. It sparkles different, has a different hardness, and a different chemical makeup than a Diamond. With regards to its hardness a Moissanite is a 9.25 on the hardness scale, whereas a diamond is a 10. Another wonderful benefit of moissanite is that it is carbon silicate , which means your Moissanite will repel dirt and oil better than a diamond! A diamond is pure carbon.

In addition, Moissanite is a lab created, meaning it can be cut in any size or shape you want! Natural diamonds are limited to the size and shape the Earth grows them. So, choosing a Moissanite for your engagement ring center stone gives you a ton of flexibility.

Ralph Jacobs Moissanite Engagement Ring

2. Are There Different Grades of Moissanite Rings?

This answer is a yes! When Moissanite first came out, technology had only advanced so far as to make yellowish-green stones. We call this “classic” Moissanite, and be careful, because they are still on the market. And then the Moissanite breakthrough year came and in 2015 Charles and Colvard started offering colourless and near colourless Moissanite.

Ralph Jacobs Moissanite Engagement Ring

Important Things to Know When Purchasing a Moissanite

Does Moissanite Have Resale Value?

The Classic, yellowish-green Moissanite did not have any resale market, however, well preserved colourless Moissanite are beginning to become more popular on resale sites.

Will You Regret Moissanite if You Didn’t Choose A Diamond?

If you love Moissanite for what it isn’t, which is not a mined diamond and for what it is, conflict free, then no. You will forever love your Moissanite for its shiney exterior, and sustainability.

Is Moissanite Ethical?

Definitely! Moissanite is among the most ethical, sustainable engagement ring choices out there. This is because Moissanite is a man made stone. So, no mining is needed to give you a perfectly brilliant Moissanite.

Will Your Moissanite Last Forever?

Yes, it certainly will. Moissanite is a beautiful gemstone that is very hard and durable.

How Can You Tell a Diamond from a Moissanite?

It’s easy to tell the difference when comparing it with its shine. When trying to tell if someone has a Moissanite ring or a diamond ring, move the ring around and watch its sparkle carefully. Another way to tell is by looking through the stone’s side facets down to the culet and if the culet appears doubled, you do not have a diamond.