For newly engaged women who aren’t used to wearing fine jewelry, everyday- Like a pricey Engagement Ring, its a bit like getting behind the wheel of a car for the first time. With the new engagement ring on your finger, there is a lot of questions that comes with how do you take care of your Engagement Ring like, can I sleep with it? Can I take a shower with it? Can I wash the dishes with it?

For newly engaged women who is aren’t used to wearing fine jewelry like a expensive engagement ring – it takes a bit of getting used to. Almost like driving your new car for the first time, and with wearing your new ring comes with a few question, understandably so.
With the new ring on your finger and all the emotions, you want to show it off and protect it as much as you but you have no idea how to properly take care of your engagement ring or you are just curious as to how to properly take care of your rings or jewelry.

We have a few tips as to how to take care of your Engagement Ring.

1. Clean your ring regularly

Wearing the piece of jewelry everyday comes with a bit of challenge – your hands get into contact with a lot of dirt and oils, which means that there will get dirt stuck between the claws, under the diamond or moissanite and between accent/ side stones.

Cleaning your ring is not a labor intensive process. When cleaning your ring yourself – Do the following , put your ring in a cup of warm water with a few drops of mild soap, like dish detergent, let it sit for a few minutes or even over night and GENTLY brush the head and stones of your engagement with a soft toothbrush.
Cleaning it once every few weeks will do just fine.

The other option is to take your ring to your jeweler, they will most probably have all they need to clean your ring for you. (Make sure that you read the warranty of your Engagement ring, before you take it to any other jeweler – It might be that the warranty can expire if you take your ring to another jeweler.)


2. Diamonds and Moissanites are though, but not indestructible.

It’s very likely that you heard that a diamond can not or rather is impossible for diamond to break? This is FALSE.
It is however true that a Diamond is the hardest naturally occurring mineral on earth, but it not indestructible. It is possible that a diamond can crack, chip and fracture at anytime when the ring takes a hard knock to a surface.

Be careful when doing things like moving the furniture or doing work that is hard on your hands. Rather put your ring in the safe or in your ring dish when doing these things to know for certain that your ring will not get into harms way.

3. Know when to take off your ring, and when to rather leave it on.

For me it’s very tempting to take off my ring when ever I wash my hands or do my make-up or even cook. The truth is that it takes a while to get used to this beautiful ring on your finger and you want to protect it as much as you can, but taking it off and on again and again throughout the day, puts a lot of stress on the ring. Meaning that you are stressing the metal and design of the ring, and it could happen that your ring could bend, a stone could come loose or even worse, you could loose your ring entirely by misplacing it.
Like mentioned in (1. Clean your ring regularly ), mild soap is good to clean your ring with, so if you use mild soap to wash your hands, nothing bad will happen. When going to the beach, rather take off your ring


Ring insurance is very important! Having your ring insured for it’s full replacement value
Things happen in life, you misplace the ring at the restaurant or even in your own home, your jewelers warranty expired and your stone fell out. Things happen, that life, what is important is that you take care of things before you have to do damage control.
Having your ring insured will keep that you have unnecessary costs to repair your ring and you have to pay a lot for it to be repaired.

Ralph Jacobs provides a full valuation report on all their products.

5. Don’t rush to resize your Engagement Ring

When you got engaged, it wasn’t so bad that the ring was a bit big – I mean you got engaged, but lately you came to a realization that you ring is a bit tight around your finger.
Don’t rush to get it resized. You could have gotten engaged in the winter months meaning that your fingers weren’t swelled up. Don’t resize your ring.
We as females swell at certain times, so if you go and resize your ring because your ring is a bit tight around your finger for the reason that it is summer and now your hands are a bit swollen, its because of the heat, and it will happen again and again.
So if your ring is not falling off your finger and won’t fall of doing certain activities, just leave it be, because you will swell time to time again.

But if your ring is to big in summer months and when you are swollen, rather get your ring resized because when the swelling goes down and the weather is a bit colder, your ring will be way to big.
Rather safe that sorry.

Ralph Jacobs | 7 Tips to take care of your engagement ring. | Jewellery

6. Regularly inspect your ring.

We all know that you look down just to see the stunning engagement ring again, but inspecting it is not just looking at the ring, it’s making sure the prongs are not bend, the ring itself are not bend and all the stones are still perfectly intact. Jewelers may ask that you bring your ring for inspection every 6 months, just to make sure the ring is in perfect condition and to accommodate you when there is something wrong, like a bend prong or missing stone.
A great time to inspect your ring is when you clean your ring at home,) using the mild soap and warm water) when your dry your ring off using a soft cloth you can use a magnifying glass to inspect all the prongs and all the stones.

7. Having a spot can save you the stress.

When it comes to taking off your ring whether it is in the bathroom, bedroom or kitchen, there will be this one time when you forgot were you placed your ring.
Having ring bowls around the house, may spare you the thought that your ring is completely gone. When you have ring bowls around your house means that you will have designated places to look for the ring when you took it off.
This saves you the worrying about your ring being misplaced, plus you’ll have beautiful ring dishes which can add as beautiful décor around the house – BONUS!