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5 of your questions about Rose Gold answered because, there are so many reasons women (and men) love Rose Gold. One reason is that, Rose Gold looks great on all skin tones. It’s unique, yet fashionable and women for many years already loves Rose Gold. It is safe to say that Rose Gold won’t go out of style soon.

Another reason why Rose Gold is loved by so many women, is that it matches with just about anything, from Diamonds and fancy colored diamonds, to colored gemstones. Rose Gold is an Extremely complementing metal and will look great with whatever you choose to pair it with!

If you are a guy doing research to get the perfect Engagement Ring for your soon to be fiancé, maybe this blog will help you make a wise decision. If you are just curious, this blog should be good for general knowledge.


1.) What is Rose Gold Exactly

Many people are wondering, what Rose gold actually is. A short answer for this question would be- Rose Gold is an alloy of primarily, gold and copper. (Typically 75% Gold and 25% Copper) The soft blush color, makes it stand out from the other metals.
The Rose Gold color is created by mixing the gold and copper together. The color of Rose Gold may differ, based on the amount of copper that is added to the mixture. More copper – more pink , less copper – less pink.

2.) Rose Gold Durability compared to other metals.

Rose gold is not as strong as platinum, but Rose Gold is considered a durable metal. The copper in the Rose Gold, makes Rose Gold suitable for everyday wear and tear. On the other hand, as Rose Gold contain 25% copper, it’s not considered a hypoallergenic metal (like platinum).

3.) Does Rose Gold Tarnish?

Probably one of the best things of Rose Gold, is that it does not tarnish… at ALL! instead of tarnish, it gains patina.
Now you might be wondering, what in the world is patina – It’s pretty much, a coat that develops on the band of the ring, that gives it a slightly darker, more vintage-like look. This patina takes years an years to develop, so you will not see this happening in 1 years time. Once this do happen, and you don’t like it, you can take it to a jeweler and get it cleaned and re-polished again.

rose gold
Rose Gold Engagement Ring from Ralph Jacobs.

4.) Is Rose Gold Expensive?

Rose Gold is less expensive than platinum, and can fit into anyone’s budget. Though it may vary in range, it is not the most expensive metal.

5.) Does Wanting Rose Gold Limit My Choice?

Rose Gold is not as common as other metals, but it does not limit your choice. You can have any design manufactured with Ralph Jacobs in Rose Gold. Ralph Jacobs also offers, all their retail design items in Rose Gold.

There is even the option to go for a Rose Gold Engagement Ring set with Moissanites – The possibilities are endless.